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Robert started photographing people in Indianola, Iowa at age 15 working for the local newspaper.  He worked at almost every job at the newspaper during high school.  Photography was always a big part of his life.  During college, he worked for the Luther College Photo Bureau, photographed numerous groups including fraternities, sororities and Boy Scouts.  An Eagle Scout, he worked for BSA National News at the 1985 National Boy Scout Jamboree.  For two years he was the Official Photographer for the Iowa State Fair.  He has had photographs printed in national magazines, newspapers and won several awards.

Robert graduated with an Accounting degree.  After spending two seasons at an Accounting firm, Robert went back to school for a MBA and as an Accounting Teaching Assistant.  By the end of grad school, he was spending much more time photographing than studying and teaching.  Taking it as a sign, he rented a space in Campustown Ames.  After 2 years, the business moved downtown where it stayed for 18 years.

Maureen worked in several studios before moving to Ames and marrying Robert in 1999.  She has photographed hundreds of weddings herself and many more photographing with Robert.  She also has designed many hundreds of wedding albums.

Ready for a change of scenery, the opportunity to buy At The Beach Weddings came up.  After visiting with his family, they saw the great opportunity.  Foley Alabama is now home for the Phillips family.

Robert is your main contact. Robert and Maureen reply to questions and help plan your photography session. Robert is really good at logistics and schedules.  He is somewhat challenged in the mixing of colors and what matches but Maureen generally does not let him leave the house looking like a beach bum.  But we admit it does happen.

For Bookings Or Questions Call Robert or Maureen

(251) 943-3393 Alabama

(850) 346-7286 Florida

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